Fire Retardant Foam

NUFLEX Flame Retardant foams not only slow down the fire but also get self-extinguished. FR foams are available to meet following specifications CA 117 :2013 & BS 5852 :1979

  • Building and construction, automotives and transportation,
  • Furniture & bedding
  • Acoustics applications such as wall of ballroom, cinema hall, conference hall, recording studio etc
  • Canopy for gensets & compressors
  • Automotive roof-line, sun visor, side wall and seat cover
  • Sofa-set with BS 5852 requirement

With our extensive experience in manufacturing and converting polyurethane foam, we can create a range of products to meet your specific needs and requirements. Polyurethane foam is a versatile material, more resistant to oxidation and other ageing than rubber or latex foam, and as a result, is suited to a wide range of potential uses.We manufacture a comprehensive selection of fire retardant foams and products, using non-burning polyurethane and melamine foams.

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