Reticulated Foam


NUFLEX-Reticulated foam is a porous and solid kind of foam. It offers you a net-like look and is extremely open. The openings are formed by bubbles, and the solid form of the net-like foam is composed of an organic polymer, polyurethane, ceramic or metals for example.

The open structure of the foam allows the foam to find use in many filtration processes. These foams are used in various leading industries to do the same. Apart from the filtration processes, these foams can also be used in the production of gaskets and seals.

Depending on the size of the pores of the foam, the foam finds it uses in various kinds of industries. Typically a low-density foam, this kind of foam has many benefits. These foams have low thermal conductivity, offer you a lightweight product, can absorb energy and many more.

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